Gel Nail Glue Tabs

It sticks to your fingers, can be tough on your nails and hard to get off – Need a break or sick of Nail glue?!

These super adhesive jelly nail tabs can secure your false nails for up to 3 weeks. They are a great alternative to nail glue and will not damage your natural nails.

These are perfect if you are trying to grow your natural nails but need some fake nails to get there or you’re just fed up of nail glue. Super quick and easy to use, these clever pressure-activated tabs will hold your acrylic nails in place securely and are water-resistant, so you can do the washing up – if you really need to!


What’s in the pack: 50 sheets. One Sheet contains 24 tabs in 6 sizes.

This is a jelly sticker, which is a little thicker than an ordinary nail tab sticker, so is stronger.

How to Use:
1: Select a sticker tab which fits the false nail body section which is going on your nail
2: Place the sticker on to the false nail tip
3: Gently press the sticker to ensure there is or gap between the sticker and the false nail
4: Remove the protection sheet from the sticker
5: Place the false nail to your finger and press it for about 5 seconds
6: Show them off 🙂

This sticker is a film-like substance, not glue! The nails clip should be applied to the nails for 3-4 hours before you can get them wet. Also, they are waterproof but please do not soak for a long time!


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